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Use the following herbs and oils for the conditions specified: Used in healing


Caution: Some herbals may cause allergic reactions when combined with other prescriptions. So please consult your Doctor before use'.. If you're on medication.


Alcohol abuse - Angelica 

Anxiety - Catnip/Fennel/Valerian/Witch Hazel 

Arteriosclerosis - Hawthorn Arthritis Garlic 

Asthma Anise - /Coltsfoot/Daisy/Garlic/Nettle


Bladder infections - Goldenrod Bronchitis Angelica/Coltsfoot/Horseradish 

Bruises - Aloe Vera/Comfrey/Shepherd’s Purse Burns Aloe Vera/Comfrey 

Cancer - Crimson Clover 

Chest complaints -  Coltsfoot 

Colds - Blessedthistle/Elderflower/ Horehound/ Horseradish/ Rosemary/ Wormwood 

Colic - Chamomile/Rosemary/Yarrow 

Constipation - Dandelion/Elderflower/Fennel/ Horehound 

Cuts - Aloe Vera/Comfrey/Shepherd’s Purse 

Delayed periods - Aloe Vera 

Depression - Lavender/Rosemary/Saffron/St.Johns Wort

Diarrhea - Alder/Chamomile 

Dysentery - Comfrey 

Eczema - Goldenseal/Witch Hazel 

Edema - Hawthorn 

Emphysema - Coltsfoot 

Eye ailments - Eyebright 

Fatigue - Lavender/Rosemary 

Fever - Catnip/ Coriander/Dogwood/ Elderflower/Ginger/Horseheal/ Lady’s Mantle/Mugwort/Pennyroyal/ Saffron/Thyme/Vervain/Yarrow/ Wormwood 

Flu - Cinnamon 

Gallstones - Dandelions 

Gout - Strawberry Leaves 

Gum infections - Myrrh


Hemorrhoids - Elder-flower 

Headaches - Lady’s Mantle/Lavender/Peppermint/ Thyme/Willow Bark 

Heart conditions - Hawthorn/Rosemary 

Hypertension - Rosemary 


Impotency - Elderflower/Ginseng/Jasmine/ Lavender/Mandrake 

Infections - Dogwood/Garlic/Myrrh/Violet 

Infertility - Mandrake 

Inflammations - Chickweed/Goldenrod/Lady’s Mantle/ Witch Hazel 

Insomnia - Goldenrod/Passion Flower/Valerian 

Jaundice and liver disease - Agrimony/Dandelion/Rosemary/ Yarrow


Kidney conditions - Horseradish 

Kidney stones - Rose 

Lung infections - Nettle 

Menopause - Lady’s Mantle 

Menstrual cramps - Catnip/Chamomile/Ginger/Lady’s Mantle/Penny-royal 

Menstrual problems - Fennel 

Muscle aches - Nettle 

Muscle cramps - Peppermint


Nervous conditions - Chamomile 

Neuralgia - Juniper/Lavender 

Pancreas problems - Dandelion 

Paralysis - Rosemary 

Rheumatism - Garlic/Horseradish/Juniper/ Lavender/Rosemary/Valerian 

Ringworm - Bloodroot/Goldenseal 

Skin irritations - Shepherd’s Purse 

Sore throats - Alder 

Sprains - Lavender 

Stomach ulcers and tumours - Adder’s Tongue/Comfrey/Nettle 

Stress - Rosemary/Valerian 

Swellings - Juniper/Valerian/Witch Hazel 

Tonsillitis - Mallow 

Toothache - Aloe Vera/Lady’s Mantle 

Tuberculosis - Coltsfoot 

Tumours - Witch Hazel


Vertigo - Rosemary


Warts - Milkweed 

Whooping cough - Thyme

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