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This technique is most successful for those who have learnt to 

trust their intuition and perhaps have already learnt how to 

recall and record their dreams. This technique works because 

the lines of communication have already been established between

the conscious and unconscious self - the inner and the outer world.

  Just as initially one might send a simple e-mail, so later one learns to 

send links and attachments giving more and more complex information. 

For this reason the method also works well for those who have learnt to 

meditate, or for those who use other kinds of self management tools 

such as creative visualization or chanting.

  It is of most use when there is a strong, passionate, deeply-felt association 

with the request or question. The technique is a very easy one, particularly

if one has learned through work or other experience to remain focussed

on issues at hand. 

You simply remember to use as a memory jogger the word CARDS:



• Clarify the ssue 

• Ask the question 
• Repeat it 
• Dream and document it 
• Study the dream

  C means that you spend some time in clarifying exactly what the issue really is. 
If you are using dreams to help you in working magically you need to be very clear as to what energies you are planning to use.

  If  using your own power, you need to be able to trust the link with your own subconscious, if calling on powers beyond yourself, you equally need to be able to trust those links. By identifying these basic issues you are then able to make a more effective link with the correct stream of knowledge - to tune into the right channel

  Try to state the issue as positively as you can, because the subconscious tends to latch on to negative statements in preference to positive.
 You might say, 
‘I require guidance as to how to achieve my aims’, 
or you could say, 
‘I require help in achieving my aims’. It also helps to be quite specific in your choice of words.

A suggests that you make your request with as much relevance as possible. 

Using an old journalistic technique, ask the questions ‘who, what, where, when and why’ and sort out in your own mind exactly what the relevant topic is. 

For instance, you might ask:

Who can best help? 

What must I do? 

Where do the best opportunities lie for achieving my aims? 

When will I be able to use my greater experience? 

Why have I created the circumstances I have?

All of these questions are, of course, open and are not necessarily time specific. 

If you ask a question based on confused thinking you may well receive a confusing answer, so always try to get as close to the heart of the matter as you can. 

Conversely, by making inappropriate demands you may notch up answers you do not wish to have, and your magical technique based on your dreams may not work.

  Repeat the question. By repeating the question over and over again, 

you are fixing it in your subconscious. 

Often blocks of three repetitions work very well, so repeating three sets of three means that you have covered all possible bases - practical, emotional and spiritual.

  The art of Dream Command, as it might be called, is that of informing your inner self that you will have a dream which will help you to achieve your objective. 

As you compose yourself for sleep and use whichever relaxation techniques help you, you must tell yourself that you will have a dream which will give you an answer or the assistance that you need. One word of warning. It is difficult to say what will actually happen since it will be pertinent to you and what you are doing, rather than being a ‘blanket’ answer. 

The dreaming self is quite capricious, so to begin with you may not receive an answer on the night you requested it. You may only receive part of an answer, or nothing for several nights, and then a series of dreams which tell you what you need to know. 

  It is a highly individual process, and no-one can tell you how it should be. With time you will recognize your own pattern, but be prepared to be patient with yourself.

  D ream it. When you do dream, document it briefly as soon as you can, noting down the main theme of the dream. With practice you will recognize the difference between a dream which helps you to clear away the everyday problems and one which is more to do with magical guidance. Look carefully at the imagery within the dream which will probably be fairly clear-cut and straightforward.

Study the dream in more detail when you have time enough to do so. Look for details, clues and hidden meanings, and see whether you can apply any or all of them to situations in hand. Sometimes the answer to your request can come from applying your knowledge to a different sector of your life, before tackling the information for which you have asked.




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